Splitting Up Together

“Splitting Up Together” is a charming and heartwarming television series that originally aired from 2018 to 2019. Created by Emily Kapnek, the show offers a fresh and relatable take on the complexities of modern relationships, divorce, and co-parenting. With humor, tenderness, and an engaging ensemble cast, “Splitting Up Together” explores the dynamics of a divorced couple who continue to share a home while raising their children.

The series introduces us to the central characters, Lena and Martin, portrayed by Jenna Fischer and Oliver Hudson, respectively. Lena and Martin are a married couple with three children who, after years of feeling disconnected, decide to get a divorce. However, they make a somewhat unconventional decision: they continue to live in the same house.

Their arrangement includes splitting the week into two halves, with Lena and the kids living in the house during one half, and Martin residing there during the other. While this setup might seem complicated, it is intended to provide stability for their children, as well as a practical way to share parenting responsibilities.

The supporting cast of the series includes a diverse array of characters, each contributing their unique perspectives and dynamics to the show:

Mae Whitman (Jen Lacy): Mae is Lena and Martin’s eldest child, a teenager navigating the challenges of high school and adolescence. She often serves as the voice of reason in her parents’ unconventional relationship.

Bobby Lee (Arthur): Arthur is Martin’s quirky and free-spirited friend who provides comic relief and moral support. His eccentric personality adds a humorous touch to the series.

Lindsay Price (Camille): Camille is Lena’s younger, more traditional and married sister, who sometimes offers contrasting advice and views on relationships and parenting.

Sander Thomas (Dr. Oliver Barnes): Dr. Barnes is Lena’s love interest, a pediatrician who enters her life and brings a new layer of complexity to her post-divorce journey.

The heart of “Splitting Up Together” lies in its exploration of the evolving dynamics between Lena and Martin as they navigate co-parenting, dating, and the challenges of sharing a home while no longer married. The series delves into the humor, misunderstandings, and genuine moments of connection that arise as they adjust to their new lives.

One of the recurring themes in the show is the idea that divorce doesn’t always equate to the end of a relationship. Lena and Martin continue to influence each other’s lives, offering support, and sometimes challenging one another’s choices and decisions. Their journey showcases the potential for growth and personal development even after a significant life change.

The series also provides a lighthearted yet thoughtful exploration of the challenges of dating and finding love after divorce. Both Lena and Martin venture into the dating world, facing their own insecurities, misadventures, and poignant moments of self-discovery.

“Splitting Up Together” also highlights the complexities of co-parenting and the importance of maintaining a united front when it comes to raising children. While Lena and Martin have their disagreements, they share a deep commitment to their kids’ well-being, offering a message of love and stability despite the unconventional living situation.

The series employs a mix of humor and heart, providing both laugh-out-loud moments and touching, relatable insights into the ups and downs of modern relationships. It tackles issues such as trust, communication, and the nature of lasting love, all within the context of a separated but connected couple.

As the show unfolds, viewers witness Lena and Martin’s growth as individuals and parents. They learn that even though life after divorce may not follow a conventional path, it can still be filled with unexpected joys, valuable lessons, and a deeper understanding of what it means to be a family.

Despite its relatively short run, “Splitting Up Together” remains a cherished series, appreciated for its wit, warmth, and relatability. It reminds us that love, in all its forms, is a journey of twists and turns, and that sometimes, two people can find a way to continue their story even when the traditional path has diverged.