“Goldstone” is a gripping and atmospheric TV series set in a remote Australian outback town of the same name. The show delves into the depths of mystery, crime, and corruption as it follows the journey of a rugged and unconventional detective who arrives in Goldstone, only to uncover a web of secrets that could unravel the very fabric of the town’s existence.

Meet the central character:

Detective Jay Carson: A battle-hardened city cop, Jay arrives in Goldstone to investigate a missing person’s case. He is a no-nonsense investigator with a sharp mind, a haunted past, and a relentless commitment to the truth.

As Jay delves deeper into the case, he encounters an array of colorful and enigmatic characters that make up the unique tapestry of Goldstone:

Josh: The town’s enigmatic and charismatic mayor, who seems to hold an invisible grip over the entire community.

Mary: A resourceful local bar owner, Mary is protective of the town and its secrets. She forms an unexpected alliance with Jay, sparking a complex and shifting relationship.

Tommy: A reclusive Indigenous tracker with a deep connection to the land, Tommy becomes Jay’s unlikely guide through the unforgiving outback terrain.

Lyle: A miner whose suspicious activities hint at a much larger and more sinister operation beneath the surface of Goldstone.

As Jay peels back the layers of Goldstone’s secrets, he uncovers corruption, environmental devastation, and a web of deception that stretches far beyond the missing person’s case. The series explores themes of identity, justice, and the clash between modernity and tradition in a remote and isolated community.

“Goldstone” is a dark and brooding series that masterfully balances a crime drama with elements of character-driven storytelling. It paints a vivid and stark picture of the Australian outback, where secrets fester beneath the scorching sun, and justice may come at a high cost. The show keeps viewers on the edge of their seats with suspenseful twists and an ever-deepening mystery, all while raising questions about the price of progress, the power of redemption, and the search for truth in an unforgiving environment.