Back In Very Small Business

“Back In Very Small Business” is a side-splitting Australian television series that offers a hilarious and unfiltered look into the chaotic world of Barry House, an ambitious yet perpetually bumbling small business owner with dreams bigger than his reality.

Barry House, played by the charismatic and comically gifted Vince Colosimo, is the epitome of the “serial entrepreneur” who has tried it all, from pet funerals to mobile tanning salons. His latest venture is “Sausage & Leg,” a quirky and utterly absurd small business that specializes in producing sausages and artificial limbs. While this pairing may seem odd, Barry’s unrelenting enthusiasm knows no bounds.

The series unfolds as a mockumentary-style documentary, following Barry’s daily escapades as he navigates the challenges of entrepreneurship with unshakable confidence and a complete lack of expertise. His long-suffering wife, Gail (played by the talented Linda Cropper), plays the voice of reason and attempts to keep Barry grounded, though her efforts often fall on deaf ears.

With a motley crew of employees who are as quirky as the business itself, “Back In Very Small Business” explores the hilarious mishaps, outrageous schemes, and absurd business decisions that unfold within the walls of Sausage & Leg. From marketing stunts gone awry to bizarre product ideas that have no place in the market, Barry’s misguided optimism keeps the laughs coming.

As the series progresses, viewers become increasingly invested in Barry’s endeavors, hoping that one of his many ventures might finally find success. But the true charm of “Back In Very Small Business” lies in its unwavering commitment to comedy and its ability to find humor in the most absurd and relatable aspects of entrepreneurship.

“Back In Very Small Business” is a laugh-out-loud series that captures the essence of the eternal optimist and small business owner, whose dreams, no matter how unconventional or ill-conceived, refuse to be crushed by reality. This uproarious show is a delightful exploration of the absurdity of entrepreneurial life, reminding us that sometimes, it’s the quirkiest characters and the most absurd endeavors that leave the biggest impact on our funny bones.