Bogan Hunters Summernats

“The Bogan Hunters Summernats” is a raucous and adrenaline-pumping television series that immerses viewers in the wild and iconic world of Australia’s Summernats car festival. In this special edition of “The Bogan Hunters,” host Kev “Bloody” Wilson and his crew venture to the heart of the Summernats event in Canberra, where revving engines, tire smoke, and unapologetic Aussie fun take center stage.

Summernats is Australia’s premier automotive festival, drawing thousands of car enthusiasts, revheads, and adrenaline junkies from around the country. “The Bogan Hunters” team joins the festivities to capture the electrifying atmosphere, showcasing the jaw-dropping car exhibitions, tire-screeching burnout competitions, and the larger-than-life personalities that make Summernats a true Aussie institution.

Throughout the series, viewers are treated to the unfiltered and hilarious antics of Kev and his crew as they navigate the high-octane world of Summernats. From daring burnout challenges and jaw-dropping car modifications to wild parties and the camaraderie of fellow festivalgoers, the show provides an up-close and personal look at the heart and soul of this unique Australian event.

What sets “The Bogan Hunters Summernats” apart is its unapologetic celebration of Aussie car culture and the larger-than-life characters who inhabit it. The series captures the passion, creativity, and sheer audacity of the Summernats crowd, highlighting the dedication that goes into building and customizing these incredible machines.

“The Bogan Hunters Summernats” is more than just a car show; it’s a high-octane, beer-soaked, and tire-smoking celebration of Australian automotive enthusiasm. Whether you’re a dedicated revhead, a fan of Aussie culture, or simply looking for a wild and entertaining ride, this series promises an unforgettable and adrenaline-pumping journey into the heart of Summernats, where burnouts and beers rule the day. So, rev up your engines and join Kev and the crew for an epic adventure at Summernats!